State of Hope
Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders and former President of Ireland, explores the power of collective action and solidarity to tackle the existential threats of climate change, nuclear weapons and pandemics. Initial broadcast July 2021.
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Mary Robinson

Chair of The Elders, Former President of Ireland and Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Gordon Brown

A response from

Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister of the UK

Chris Hadfield

A response from

Chris Hadfield

Canadian Astronaut and Science Communicator


COVID-19 has underscored humanity’s interconnectedness and the indispensability of multilateral cooperation to safeguard lives and livelihoods. Mary Robinson explores how a similar approach is needed to tackle other existential challenges including climate change and nuclear weapons, and how Nelson Mandela continues to provide an inspiring example of empathetic, ethical leadership.

The Elders believe that strong, effective and principled multilateralism is essential to tackle the shared challenges facing humanity. The United Nations is the most inclusive framework for developing solutions rooted in human rights, equality and sustainability, and The Elders work to support its global mission.

Photo credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

“COVID-19 has exposed the failures of narrow nationalism and populist politics that disdains scientific evidence and empathy.” – Mary Robinson


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