State of Hope
Mary Robinson and Hina Jilani are joined by experts from the justice sector and feminist and equality movements. Delivered in partnership with The Pathfinders, delegates explore how a cross-sectoral community of those advancing access to justice for women and girls can be built and what meaningful action must be taken to reduce the systemic discrimination of women. Initial broadcast March 2022.
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Graça Machel

Mary Robinson

Chair of The Elders, Former President of Ireland and Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Graça Machel

Hina Jilani

Human Rights Advocate, Co-chair of the Taskforce on Justice and member of The Elders

Access to Justice

The Elders continue to call for improved and sustainable access to justice for women and girls. Over 30 high-level individuals, including Elders Mary Robinson and Hina Jilani, alongside key voices and experts from government, private sector, philanthropy, youth movements and civil society, explore steps that need to be taken to build a world where women and girls have equal access to justice.


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